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Bristol Tugs in Colour

B O O K R E V I E W by : Frank NEYTS

Coastal Shipping Publications recently published “Bristol Tugs in Colour (Volume 2)” , written by Bernard McCall.

“Bristol Tugs Volume 2” is a colour album which documents some of the smaller tugs that used to be seen in Bristol City docks plus some of the rarer and larger tugs that have paid only one or two visits to the port in recent years. With over 60 lavish photographs and detailed captions this book is in three sections. The first covers older tugs in Bristol City Docks, the second looks at tugs working on engineering projects in the Bristol Channel i.e. the new Severn Bridge, and finally the extra tugs needed for ships handling in and around Avonmouth Docks. Bernard McCall has written over 20 maritime books in the last two decades and has a passion for anything ship shaped. He established ‘Coastal Shipping Magazine’ in 1994. “Bristol Tugs in Colour (Volume 2)” (ISBN 978-1-902953-77-9) is a softback book, small size, of 64 pages, lavishly illustrated. The price is £9.95 plus £1.75 European postage. Ordering via the bookshop, or directly via the publisher, Coastal Shipping, 400 Nore Road, Portishead, Bristol BS20 8EZ, UK. Tel/Fax: +44(0)1275.846178, , e-mail:



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