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Seven Discovery (Ex. Acergy Discovery, Ex. MV Discovery) – Type: CLDSV

By: Greig Wilson

Formerly owned by Subsea 7, Acergy, Stolt Offshore and BT Marine. Built in the Boelwerf yard in 1990.Length Overall 124.7m. Breadth 19.5m. Depth 11m. Gross tonnage 8248t. 

Originally commissioned for BT Marine the build was started in 1986. However this was later halted due to market conditions and when finally restarted she was completed in 1990. Built as a Cable Lay Dive Support Vessel she was primarily used as a DSV providing diver intervention and construction work to the offshore industry, although she did lay some cable in her early days of service. She sailed under the Belgian flag until 2002 before changing to the Luxembourg flag until 2004. She was once more reflagged in 2010 to join the Isle of Man register which was to be her final flag. Originally named ‘MV DISCOVERY’ she was renamed ‘ACERGY DISCOVERY’ in 2006 when her then owner ‘Stolt Offshore’ cut ties with ‘Stolt Nielsen Tanker Group’ and rebranded as ‘Acergy’. Following a merger of ‘Acergy’ and ‘Subsea 7’,of which the company name remained ‘Subsea 7’, she was renamed ‘SEVEN DISCOVERY’ whilst dry-docked in the Tyne in 2013. During her time with Stolt Offshore, Acergy and Subsea 7 she served a DSV operating world-wide although spent a large portion of her final years in the North Sea as one of the most well-known DSVs in the region. She spent her latter years, from the 5th of November 2015 until the 13th of July 2017, cold stacked in Leith, Scotland until she was sold and towed to be recycled in Belgium, perhaps fittingly, in the same country as she was built. She was towed on the 13th July 2017 from Leith in Scotland by the Tug ‘FAIRPLAY 27’ to be scrapped in Ghent, Belguim. Arriving in Ghent on the 17th July 2017. ‘The Disco’,as she was fondly known, was one of the true stalwarts of the industry. I served on her, together with my wife, for the last few years of the ship’s working life and had the pleasure of sailing with what could only be described as one of the best motley crews that I have had the pleasure of spending my seagoing days with. Many of which had been on there for more than 10 years. There was always great camaraderie between both the Marine and Project crews on there. She will be great be greatly missed by those who served on her.

Happy Memories.



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